AEsir Playing Card Decks

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The Æsir playing card deck is based on the pantheon of Norse gods. 

King of Spades- Odin is the supreme deity of the Æsir deck, holding his spear Gungnir.
- Queen of Spades- Frigga, chief of the Norse goddesses. She was Odin's wife and mother of Balder, the King of Hearts
- Jack of Spades: Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory) were Odin's Ravens, and were often shown perched on Odin's shoulder.They flew throughout the universe each day and reported back to Odin what they saw.
King of Hearts- Balder was the God of innocence and piety, so pure  that light literally shined from him. His wife was Nanna, the Queen of Hearts
- Queen of Hearts- Nanna was Balder's wife and the mother of Forseti, the Jack of Hearts. Nanna's heart was fatally broken when she saw Balder had died and was then laid upon the funeral pyre beside her husband
- Jack of Hearts- Forseti was the Norse god of justice and conciliation.
- King of Diamonds- The God, Njord commanded the winds, seas and fire, and gave supplicants wealth at sea and in "the chase."
- Queen of Diamonds- As a Giantess, she joined the Æsir and chose Njord as her husband from among several men of whom she could only see their feet! 
- Jack of Diamonds- More valorous and stronger  than his father, Njord, Frey governed the weather and agriculture and thus had prosperity, joy and peace under his control
- King of Clubs-  Thor was the main Æsir god after Odin. He guarded humans and their work from the Giants (forces of nature) and he could make his hammer Mjollnir any size he wanted, throw it to strike his enemy, and have it return to his hand.
- Queen of Clubs- Thor's wife, Sif was known for her beauty and he golden hair created by Dwarves.
- Jack of Clubs- According to mythology, Modi was "the god of battle wrath"and served as the patron for the berserkers of the Norse legends
- Joker- Loki is known as "The Trickster" to many Westerners,  was crafty and malicious and operated with two faces, ultimately the Æsir's enemy.