Anubis Absinthe T-Shirt

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Anubis Absinthe T-Shirt
Most often depicted as a man with the head of jackal, Anubis is the Ancient Egyptian God of the afterlife and mummification.
How fitting that the God who is associated with embalming is also the one responsible for this fine alcoholic beverage. Produced using an ancient unique Egyptian method made with only the finest wormwood and other local herbs. It is then bottled in Cairo and exported to France.  Anubis Absinthe is one of a kind beverage  whose aroma wafts from out the sands of time, evoking the vision of endless, rolling dunes beneath the gaze of the Sphinx  Its dry and earthy flavor will wrap you in its embrace and make you feel like an entombed Pharaoh. 
Printed in Gold and Red, this bold design depicts Anubis offering up a ceremonial glass of this rare beverage, surrounded by hieroglyphs from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and a stately Papyriform column. 
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