Aztec Codex Playing Cards

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The Aztec Codex playing card deck is based on the ancient Aztec codex. 

The Kings are based on the last 4 Hueytlatoanis of Mexico. Cuahutemoc, Moctezuma, Tizoc, and Ahuizotl. 

The Queens are Aztec women doing the traditional labors of the women. Taking care of  babies, gardening, cooking, and running the house while their men are away laboring for the village.

There are many different kinds of Aztec warriors but the most important (and well known) are the eagle and jaguar warriors. They were categorized depending on how good the were fighting and killing people which makes them bloody cards and why they are portrayed as Jacks.

The Jokers are the mystical Aztec Gods. Hutzilopochtli and Tlaloc appear on cards and as well as Quetzalcoatl  who takes his place on the tuck box.

Designed by: Emmanuel Valtierra