Calaveras de Azucar

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Calaveras de Azucar

"CALAVERAS DE AZÚCAR " is a custom deck of playing cards inspired by the Day of the Dead Celebration.

Calaveras are the most recognizable emblems of the Day of the Dead Mexican holiday, celebrated on the 1st and 2nd November.

The word “Calavera” means skull in Spanish. “Calavera De Azúcar” is a skull made out of sugar, which decorates the Day of the Dead altars. These sugar skulls are very colorful and whimsical.

The meaning of the skull is to symbolize death in a positive manner and in Mexico, it is believed that death is not the final stage in one’s life but rather a step forward into a higher level of conscience.


 Printed by USPCC.

Available on blue or black paper stock.