Cursed Playing Card Deck

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Playing cards with original Gothic art, where each suit is a type of monster with suits Hearts, Diamonds, Skulls, and Cross-bones.


The Cursed Card deck is  52 playing cards, split into four suits with two joker cards, the art has been fully re-imagined from top to bottom ... as well as back to front 

Pritned by Make Playing Cards with artwork by Thomas Edward Mann 

The cards dimensions are 56mm x 88mm or 2.25" x 3.5"  (Bridge size) and printed on 310gsm linen card stock. 

The red suits remain the classic Hearts and Diamonds, but contain new artistic embellishment. The Hearts are represented by Vampire face cards, while the Diamonds sport a set of Demons. Instead of black suits there are white crossed bones and skulls. The royal cards are Skeletons and Giants respectively. The jokers are color specific and the grim reaper figures have visual elements relating to either red or white suits.