Ecliptic Playing Cards

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Humanity has stared up at the night skies with amazement and wonder for thousands of years.  The natural rhythms of the planets, sun, moon and stars took on more significance than just their clock-like movement across the skies.

Early stargazers divided the night sky into 12 equal parts or ‘signs’ —each with a corresponding constellation which is the basis of what we now know as the Zodiac. These zones of the night sky fall along what is called the planetary ecliptic - the plane of the planets in the solar system - which is where the name of the project originated. 

Over the centuries, the Zodiac signs and constellations have been represented by symbols and incredible artwork—engravings of fantastical creatures and mystical gods from mythology.

There are two versions of Ecliptic.

The Standard Edition:

  • Nebula colored background that is continuous.

The Limited Edition

  • Celestial blue background
  • Limited to 3000 decks, each deck hand numbered

Both decks have the same artwork, line art and back design. 

Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)