Halloween Playing Cards

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The Halloween Playing Card Deck is a Limited Edition poker-sized boxed deck of playing cards with 2 jokers and is created by award-winning Illustrator, Designer, and Animator Stephen W. Brandt of Richmond, Virginia, USA.

The artwork is inspired by printing practices, imagery, and iconography from the 1930's through the 1970's. This artwork as a tribute to the way that Halloween used to be. The clubs are done in a blue tone and the royals are represented by skeletons. The hearts are done in a purple tone and the royals are represented by the animals of Halloween - raven, bat, wolf, and owl. The spades are done in an orange tone and the royals are represented by jack-o-lanterns. The diamonds are done in a jade green tone and are represented by humanoids, ghost, witch, and vampire. All of the aces include a black cat and the Joker is represented by the Easter Bunny.