HANA Playing Card Deck

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The Hana luxury playing card decks are original decks designed by Steve Minty. The are on these decks is inspired by the elegance of traditional Japanese culture. Various elements from textile, art, and social structures are incorporated into these decks.  

 Aspects from Feudal Japan, Hana Fuda, Kimonos, Ikebana, Ukiyo-e among many others are incorporated into these decks.


Choose from the Gold or Silver editions of these beautifully crafted decks. 


Gold Deck (Red Box)

  • Printed by EPCC
  • Features 54 fully custom cards
  • Printed with Gold Ink
  • Custom foil seal
  • Gold foil and embossed tuck box

Silver Deck (Blue Box):

  • Printed by EPCC
  • Features 54 fully custom cards
  • Printed with Silver Ink
  • Custom foil seal
  • Silver foil and embossed tuck box