Hawaiian Playing Card Deck

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The Hawaiian Islands have a rich history of hard working people who love their land. Hawaiian Heritage is the 1st in a series dedicated to the Islands. This deck honors the woodworking craft and art that the hawaiian people still embrace. In memory of great chiefs, kings, queens and warriors. The tuck box, back, and Ace of Spades features King Kamehameha I, who was the first king to unite the Hawaiian Islands.

The decks are a collaborative effort of the Home Run Artists.

Standard Deck:

Traditional Wood block look
USPCC printed

Magic Finish

Custom Seal

Bicycle Branded Deck

Bicycle Branded

Magic Finish

Custom Seal
Limited to a print run of 2,000

Hawaiian Limited Deck:

Limited to a print run of 1,000
Long tongue tuck box
Real stamp seal
Comes with the USPCC Magic Finish
Wrapped in vellum with a Lava-lava sleeve
Individually signed and numbered
Traditional wood block design