Zombie Vodka Vintage Tin Sign

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Zombie Vodka Vintage Tin Sign
Vodka, born during 14th century Russia, has long been a favorite liquor among the hard-working laborers of the world. This special formulation is perfect for those cold nights spent raising you undead army in the icy tundra of the Siberian wastes. Your zombie horde will appreciate the bite of this distinctive Vodka during the long march to assault  the Trans-Siberian Railway.
This stunning design is printed on a handsome vintage style metal sign. It measures 10"x16", has rounded corners and pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. Please note, the patented process used to create these signs results in variations in color, texture, and finish, that give each sign its own unique aged vintage feel. No two are exactly alike!
Designed by our friends at SighCo Graphics.